The California Lions Foundation, Helping Lions Help Others

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Helping Lions Help Others

California Lions Foundation provides disaster and matching financial grants.

California Lions Foundation is proud to offer a donation capability for Lions and friends in California to support local disasters. Just in the past 6 months California Lions Foundation has provided $75,000 to District 4-C1 Lions to help them respond to the disastrous Camp Fire, giving out thousands of supplies and food to those families devastated by the loss of their homes during the worst wildfire season in California history.

Here’s a video about how Lions Clubs across California worked with their community in Northern California to help families recover after the wildfires.

This year we want to offer more grants to Lions Clubs across California to help Lions serve their community by providing free vision and hearing screenings, emergency relief for national disasters, diabetes screenings, and environmental projects that make a lasting impact in California and the world. 

Please help Lions help others by donating to the California Lions Foundation today. 

Timothy Griggs