California Lions Foundation

About the Foundation

California Lions Foundation (CLF) is a California corporation with the sole purpose to provide matching financial grants to CA Lions Clubs


About the foundation

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California Lions Foundation (CLF) is a California, non-profit, tax-exempt, 501(c)(3) corporation with the sole purpose of providing designated and matching grants to California Lions Clubs and California Lions Districts.  Designated funds and matching grants are provided to enable California Lions Clubs to provide even greater service to their local communities.


How California Lions Foundation (CLF) Will Benefit Your Club or District

The California Lions Foundation (CLF) matching grants will be available in smaller dollar amounts, $500-$10,000, for projects that do not qualify for support from other foundations or to complement grants already available from other foundations (e.g. LCIF). CLF will provide matching grants from $500-$2,500 with a more streamlined review and approval process

CLF will be able to aid in disasters that are not “natural disasters”. In 2014, a fire destroyed the food delivery trucks at the Monterey County Foodbank. The fire was determined to be arson, not a natural disaster and as a result, the local Lions were not able to get assistance from LCIF.

CLF offers special recognition for Club and Individual/Corporate donations as Founding Members. Lions may become a “Founding Member” of CLF as well as a Kay Fukushima Fellow for a minimum donation of $1,000 or as a Reginald Harris Fellow for a minimum donation of $2,500. Additionally, California Lions Clubs may become a Founding Club of CLF for a donation of $5,000, and get banner patches for smaller donations. Founding Lion, Founding Club and Founding District will be available until CLF achieves its initial funding goal of $250,000 in charitable donations.

100% of All Donations Received Will Serve Californians Through California Lions. CLF ensures that 100% of donations are put to work to provide service to California communities.

CLF will be available to partner with local Lions Clubs that do not have a 501( c )(3) designation. CLF will be available to accept donations from individuals, businesses or corporations that are meant for use by a Lions Club that does not have a 501( c )(3) designation. Any donation such as this will require prior approval by CLF.

CLF will accept donations of stocks/bonds of publicly traded companies. This will allow for the donation of appreciated stocks and bonds whereby the donor receives a tax deduction for the full value of the donated item without having to pay any capital gains tax on the appreciated value.

CLF will accept donations of cars, boats and recreational vehicles.

CLF will accept donations through Planned Giving such as charitable remainder trust, charitable lead trust, real estate, and beneficiary designation from retirement plans and life insurance. Any proposed real estate donation must be reviewed by CLF prior to acceptance.

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Funding for the Foundation will be provided from donations from corporate sponsors, individuals, Lions Clubs and local Lions. CLF will provide a valuable vehicle for Lions clubs to approach California corporations and individuals actively seeking partnerships with service groups as part of their “Social Mission” and our “Social Conscious” campaigns such as Lions Eyes Across California Project. These individuals and corporations can be assured that 100% of their donations will serve Californians through California Lions.