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Grant Application 

California Lions Foundation (CLF) provides matching grants from $500 up to $2,500 for use to help complete projects.

Grant Request Policy


Grant applications are to be completed by the requesting entity and submitted to the Grant Committee - this may be done electronically. Applications must meet all criteria that have been established by the Foundation before the grant can be approved.


If the application is incomplete, the criteria are not met or are unacceptable, or the application was not approved for other reasons, the application will be returned to the submitting entity with an explanation as to why the grant request was not accepted. The submitting entity may submit another application as long as they can meet the criteria for acceptance or address the reasons for denial.


If approved by the Grant Committee, the application is sent to the Executive Committee for final approval if the request is for $2,500 or less.


When reviewing the grant applications, the committee will examine the document for the following:

  • All of the requested information must be completed.

  • The information requested on the separate sheets will be reviewed to insure that it meets the criteria set forth by the Foundation. All sections of requested information must be present and be acceptable to the committee.

  • Review the included grant spreadsheet(s) to insure that the requirement for matching funds has been met and the donors of said funds are listed. Also, review to assure that the requested funds are being used for the purpose for which they are intended.


Upon review, the Committee should approve the grant by a 2/3rds vote for final approval at the following levels:

  • For grants of $500 - $2,500 Grants Committee and CLF Executive Committee.


At most there can be only two open grants at any given time from each MD4 sub-district. This will provide all districts in Multiple District 4 an opportunity to benefit from CLF grants.


All grants must be completed within 1 year from the time of approval. A written report detailing the results of the project with accounting of the funds used must be submitted to CLF upon completion of the project. Any money not used for the project as approved in the grant must be immediately returned to the Foundation.

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